Embracing Failure

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If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough.  You have to put yourself out there, go for the win, and see where things end up.  Most of the time, you finish somewhere in between the two ends.  On the extremely rare occasions, you end up winning.  And then there are the days when it just goes horribly wrong.  I can count those days on one hand but they’ve left a permanent mark on my soul.

The pic above is one of those days.  I went out too hard, I underestimated the difficulty of the course, my ambitions were bigger than my capabilities, and for a good chunk of that hundred mile run, I was in a world of hurt.  It’s one of the few times I’ve contemplated taking a DNF.  I didn’t.  I kept working at the problem until I got righted and then I finished the race.  My finish time wasn’t even close to where I wanted but I got it done.  It’s a small victory but I didn’t compound a sucky day with a DNF.

After the race, I went through the stages of grief and I accepted it.  Failure is part of the journey.  Accept it, understand what happened as best you can.  Hopefully you learn from your mistakes and you don’t repeat them.  At the very least, you take a different approach the next time you race.  As long as you don’t quit racing, you get another shot to do it right. 

According to Athlinks, I’ve raced 63 times.  Of those 63 races, three were three really bad days and three I would consider wins.  You know… for perspective. 

Keep lining up, you’ll get your day!