I Can't Swim

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    Kona Swim 2012

I had a bit of writers block... scratch that... writers overload while trying to decide what to publish as the first post. I started to write about my first encounter with the sport but I've already written that article on my personal blog and it just didn't seem to fit. I starred at the monitor for a few minutes and I pondered where to start. Start at the beginning, I said, but where is the beginning? Should I talk about the importance of consistent training? Hmmmm..

I was stumped. The blog was setup, the site was finally branded with a proper logo and now all I needed was to write some content. But nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Or is it Zipp? :) I walked away from the computer and I decided I would go for a short swim at the gym. When I arrived at the pool, I noticed all of the lanes were filled. I jumped into the pool with a fellow and we shared a lane for a bit. When I finished my set, I got out of the pool and noticed a group, including my lane mate, chatting about their swim session. One of them looked towards me and started asking me question about swimming. I answered his question and then a flurry of questions followed from the others. After chatting back and forth with the group, I discovered they were training for their first triathlon. One gal approached me off to the side and confessed that she felt confident in her ability to bike and run but she was concerned about the swim. Her exact words were: "I can't swim!" What she meant to say was: "I can't swim well!" but I understood what she meant. I have crossed paths with a number of athletes and the majority of them say that exact same thing. I said it too but I managed to get through my first triathlon swim and I've been hooked on the sport ever since. "I can't swim!" We can teach you!p>