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Multisport coaching with a proven track record

Vince Matteo is a multisport coach, an Ironman Age Group Champion, a multiple time Kona qualifier, a sub18 hour hunderd mile finisher, and a F.I.S.T. certified bike fitter.

Vince's opinion on Junk Miles -- originally considered extra or unnecessary, in reality are the basic foundation for every endurance athlete.
In fact, what triathletes badly need is more junk miles. They suffer from not enough junk miles. Their performances suffer for the lack of junk miles. - Dan Empfield


We start with an initial conversation to determine your strengths / weaknesses and your goals.


Based on the interview, we build an outline for your training while plotting "a", "b" and "c" races for your upcoming season.


As your training progresses, we capture critical data, analyze it and fine tune your workouts.


With the wealth of data accumulated throughout your training, we set parameters for your race day execution and you reap the benefits from your hard work.
Vince Matteo

Vince Matteo

Christine Matteo

Christine Matteo






Helping first timers

From sprint to Ironman distance events, we work with athletes of all levels and we have helped numerous first timers cross the finish line.

Kona Qualifiers

Considered to be the ultimate goal for an Ironman athlete, we have coached a number of athletes to the level of qualifying for their first Kona as well as helping Kona veterans.

Completion to Competition

Understanding what it means to be an elite age group athlete, we've not only shaped their training but we've also helped shape their minds into that of a contender.

Personal Bests

Not all roads lead to Kona and we have assisted athletes of all levels to achieve their individual goals.

Our Athletes

Achieving their personal best

  • Vince helped me find something (many things) about myself that I didn't even know I needed to find – but I did. Vince never stopped believing in me – and he taught me to believe in myself - Maria
  • Vince is very data driven and analytical, which I liked because I am not those things - Jen
  • I never had one doubt about finishing Ironman Lake Tahoe. The event itself was merely the culmination of my well-planned training - Jamie
  • Vince applies the same level of dedication to my coaching as he does to his own - Christine



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